Jobs Details


Country: Kenya

Company Name: KEMRI

Starting Salary: Ksh

Apply on or Before: 02 Jul 2024









Job Description

Internships are offered to graduates holding certificates from government-recognized learning institutions

Job Responsibilities

  • Applications are accepted only during the open posting period

  • The advertisement outlines the internship areas and application process, requiring candidates to submit a formal application to the Director General, KEMRI

  • Applicants should not be enrolled in any learning institution during the application period

  • Each individual can undertake internship once

  • The duration of the internship ranges from one to twelve (12) months and is not renewable

  • Retirees and individuals who have lost formal employment are not eligible for the program

  • The HR Department determines the total number of internship vacancies based on requests from Center Directors and Heads of Department

  • An advertisement is posted on the website and/or local newspapers

  • Applications are reviewed from eligible candidates, considering available internship fields

  • Selection is conducted through a competitive process focusing on merit, subject area distribution, gender balance, regional representation, and inclusion of people with disabilities

  • Successful candidates receive notification and a letter of offer

Job Qualifications

  • Interns are obligated to comply with the rules and regulations of the Institute

  • Throughout their engagement, interns receive a monthly stipend at prevailing government rates